State Police Used Tear Gas on Ferguson Protestors, Tried to Deny It

Matthew Phelan · 08/17/14 08:30AM

In an attempt to enforce last night's Governor Nixon-imposed curfew, the Missouri Highway Patrol fired tear gas into a crowd of protestors last night, then told reporters that they had only fired smoke bombs, backtracked, admitted that it was tear gas, and ultimately arrested seven protestors. Also, a guy was shot.

Matthew Phelan · 08/14/14 11:43AM

"This is the very real, very expensive, and very environmentally unsustainable reality behind a virtual currency hailed as the future of money. We haven't escaped from industrial age mines. We've merely reinvented them."

Matthew Phelan · 08/12/14 06:11PM

BREAKING: This dad is saying that Bigfoot threw a rock at him. Here is his oddly emotional video: