Matthew Phelan · 07/30/14 05:05PM

Bodacious waves in the Arctic, 16-feet high and rising, are likely to hasten climate change, according to a paper in the new issue of Geophysical Research Letters.

Apple Snuck Backdoor Surveillance Tools Into Their (i.e. Your) iOS

Matthew Phelan · 07/25/14 08:30AM

Innovation did not die with Steve Jobs. Apple has quietly installed data discovery software, including a file-relay tool that can bypass backup encryption, in around 600 million iPhones, iPads, and other devices running their latest iOS. You are correct to surmise that this has been a boon to law enforcement.

The Crazy Emails That Took Down NSA Spook John Schindler

J.K. Trotter · 07/24/14 03:26PM

Remember John Schindler, the conservative talking head, retired NSA spook, and Naval War College professor who briefly went incognito after screenshots of (what appear to be) his penis leaked onto the Internet? While he has since reappeared on Twitter—where he first drew attention for defending domestic spying and criticizing Edward Snowden—he has refused to comment on the mysterious emails, sent to the Naval War College by an unnamed blogger, that prompted the school to place him on leave, and his penis under official investigation.

Matthew Phelan · 07/18/14 03:38PM

The American Medical Association reports that over one third of adults suffer from obesity nationwide and that there have been "no significant changes in obesity prevalence in youth or adults" since 2003. Is this how the American mind came to be dominated by fears of a wholly invented monster called Slender Man?

Private Company Will Monitor Every Car Driving In Hungary In Real Time

Matthew Phelan · 07/14/14 12:35PM

Hungary's Ministry of National Development (MND) quietly plans to spend 12 billion forints ($52,615,440 in USD) on a real-time, nationwide license plate-monitoring system tied to e-tolls. What follows is a translation of a post on Gawker's Hungarian-language site Cink, that I asked my friend's father to help with.