Matthew Phelan · 07/10/14 04:48PM

Sign up to win this Colt AR-15 rifle before it's won by some crazy nutjub with whom you strenuously disagree on matters of U.S. foreign policy, and domestic. The AR-15 is being offered in a sponsored email to fans of freedom-loving journalist Ben Swann. Swann has, uh, an interesting take on the Sandy Hook shooting. Let's start there.


J.K. Trotter · 07/09/14 03:10PM

In their most common form, government-sanctioned redactions obscure text: names and code names, dates of birth and Social Security numbers, the classified and top-secret—each a tiny black site housing a discrete, unknowable entity. For all of their apparent precision, each redaction expresses a set of underlying assumptions about identity and recognition, about the way we discipline noise into information.

93-Year-Old Shadowy Cabal Now Hiring

Matthew Phelan · 07/08/14 05:02PM

Oh, young one. Do you thirst for influence, prestige and the faded glory of Her Majesty's Empire? Are you looking for work? Well, happy day: The Council on Foreign Relations (i.e. Old-Timey Davos) is hiring an Assistant Editor.

GAO: Drug Companies Are Cheating the Military-Industrial Complex​

Matthew Phelan · 07/08/14 08:05AM

A vital element in keeping the peace is our military establishment's access to pharmaceuticals, but according to a new study from the U.S. Government Accountability Office, drug companies are overcharging the Pentagon, on average, by 50 percent on generics, and 60 percent overall. Way to support the troops!

Matthew Phelan · 07/07/14 07:59AM

Such a tease, Washington Post. "Among the most valuable contents — which The Post will not describe in detail, to avoid interfering with ongoing operations — are fresh revelations about a secret overseas nuclear project, double-dealing by an ostensible ally, a military calamity that befell an unfriendly power"—tease!

New Instant Messenger Plans to Leave No Metadata Worth Harvest​ing

Matthew Phelan · 07/06/14 08:33PM

A murders' row of cyber security experts have announced their intention to produce a new instant messaging service, designed for government and corporate whistleblowers (obviously) and the journalists they blow their whistles to. This should be fun.

Death Comes for Vast Right-Wing Conspirator Richard Mellon Scaife

Matthew Phelan · 07/04/14 07:13PM

The Lord giveth, and the good Lord taketh away. Far Right Pittsburgh-area philanthropist, heir to the Mellon banking fortune, primary financial backer of the anti-Clinton "Arkansas Project" (and later surprise Hillary Clinton supporter), Richard Mellon Scaife has passed.

Happy 4th! 25 Percent Off on Grappling Hooks!

Matthew Phelan · 07/03/14 04:46PM

Are you on the market for a folding, SWAT-style grappling hook, rope included, with a matte black finish? Well, I've received a "4th of July" discount code from the fine folks at Southord, manufacturer of precision lock picking devices (long story). AND SO:

Patriarchy Smashes Self​.

Matthew Phelan · 07/03/14 01:45PM

Did you miss the International Conference on Men's Issues last week in Michigan? Please check your spam filter, or gmail's "promotions" tab. Sincerely, Men

NSA's First Director: "I Was the Only Red Pencil."

Matthew Phelan · 07/03/14 12:59PM

Two internal NSA oral histories — one formerly classified Top Secret, another merely "For Official Use Only" — surfaced yesterday on secrets-spilling site Cryptome. And, so far, they are a delightful trove of spooktacular managerial affectations and clandestine bureaucratic in-fighting.