Sign up to win this Colt AR-15 rifle before it's won by some crazy nutjub with whom you strenuously disagree on matters of U.S. foreign policy, and domestic. The AR-15 is being offered in a sponsored email to fans of freedom-loving journalist Ben Swann. Swann has, uh, an interesting take on the Sandy Hook shooting. Let's start there.

Swann himself can best explain his theory, perhaps:

Very convincing, yes? This is the kind of analysis one would expect from a reporter who has won three RTDNA Edward R. Murrow Awards and a Lone Star Emmy. Let's look again at that image of the woods near the Sandy Hook gym:

Clear as day.

You can see a second person fleeing the scene with what really looks almost identical to the .223-caliber Bushmaster Model XM15 that the government claims alleged shooter Adam Lanza used. Just look at that second person. Why isn't anyone in the Mainstream Media talking about this?

Below is a screen capture of the promotional email sent to recipients of Swann's e-newsletter. The giveaway is a campaign for the National Association for Gun Rights. Let us all know if you win, please:, pgp public key here.