Putin's Celebrity Friendships​ Put His Heart in Grave Danger

Matthew Phelan · 08/21/14 03:03PM

Vladimir Putin is a man. He has budding friendships with famous actors Gérard Depardieu and Mickey Rourke—and a deep bond with action hero Steven Seagal. Seagal took to the stage at a pro-Russian concert in Crimea, not long ago. Rest assured, when sanctions fail, the West will hit Putin here, where it hurts most.

U.S. Intelligence Vets Criticize Obama for Peddling Weak MH17 Evidence

Matthew Phelan · 08/18/14 08:44AM

A real Justice League of veterans from the U.S. intelligence community (many of them famous whistleblowers you know and love) are imploring the Obama administration to either put up their best evidence proving that pro-Russian separatists shot down Malaysia Airlines flight 17—or shut up. We spoke to them.