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The Intercept has a neat story out today (i.e. a depressing story) about NPR's national security reporter Dina Temple-Raston essentially letting a CIA-funded tech firm—that she knew to be CIA-funded, because she had previously reported on it as CIA-funded—make bald assertions about the damage Edward Snowden's leaks have done, without disclosing these key financial details.

Many of you may already be cognizant of the fact that the CIA has been in the venture capital business for a while now, with their nonprofit investment firm In-Q-Tel.

Perhaps you have wondered aloud, "Why would the CIA just give their R&D money away, when they could spend it in-house, hiring people to produce innovations that would remain proprietary and classified?"

It is certainly pernicious conspiracy theorizing to suggest this, but maybe, just maybe, investing in Silicon Valley start-ups allows the CIA to duck government oversight and engage in exactly the kind of domestic propaganda campaigns that this NPR incident looks like. Perhaps there are even other covert ops benefits to be had by such arrangements. I, for one, cannot plausibly deny that this is the case.

Hate to read words? Ugh, right?

Here is Glenn Greenwald discussing his article on Democracy Now!