After a series of wild outbursts and derivative art stunts, former Disney property Shia LaBeouf is "voluntarily seeking treatment for alcohol addiction." But what precipitated LaBeouf's unraveling? Was it a systemic failure in his MK-ULTRA Monarch slave conditioning? Unblock your Ajna chakra and examine the facts.

Item: Roseanne Barr Told Russia Today that "MK-ULTRA Mind Control Rules in Hollywood"

Roseanne Barr has talked about this sort of thing before. In 2001, she told Larry King that she believed she had an induced multiple personality disorder because she had "this head shrinker and he says it's deliberately induced, because the CIA is where they started inducing it when after they brought all the Nazis over from Germany to run [the] American Psychiatric Association." Shortly after Michael Jackson's death in the summer of 2009, Roseanne took to her blog to accuse Jackson's father of being "an MK-ULTRA operative [whose] abuse of his own children was used to profit the CIA's programs that follow and study the effects of child abuse on the young, and how their minds can be controlled to such an extent, and with such abuse, that they can be forced to develop talent." These are serious allegations.

As you open the gate to your Ajna chakra, (your "third-eye charka" at the center of your brow), breathe deep and let Roseanne's statements pass through into your higher mind.

Now, breathe out.

Roseanne had been sounding the alarm about MK-ULTRA indoctrination in Hollywood for over a decade when — last year, in the middle of what had clearly been slated as a more jejune sociological segment on Hollywood and America's "culture of rape" — she surprised RT with her even more serious, more sweeping allegation:

As a rule of thumb, you can probably infer that your CIA mind control conspiracy must implicate only the highest global elites, if your choice celebrity interview criticizing them is one that even Russia Today no longer wishes to host on its YouTube page.

But, where did Roseanne learn about this MK-ULTRA program aside from that one shrink she once had?

The shortest possible answer is Cathy O'Brien, a self-professed survivor of an MK-ULTRA sex slavery initiative codenamed Project Monarch.

Unlike the many other real, disturbing, and chilling operations and experiments pursued under the CIA's MK-ULTRA program, no records exist about Monarch aside from O'Brien's personal recollections, first published in her book Trance-Formation of America, self-published in 1995. O'Brien co-wrote the book with her husband Mark Phillips, who claims to have been the intelligence operative that rescued O'Brien and her daughter "from White House/Pentagon level MK-ULTRA mind control victimization."

According to Kenn Thomas, an archivist for the the University of Missouri–St. Louis' Thomas Jefferson Library and long-time publisher of the conspiracy theory magazine Steamshovel Press, O'Brien and Phillips became a wildly popular team of speakers when Bay Area UFO conference promoters began their Conspiracy Con in 2001. As Thomas describes it in his book on American parapolitical culture:

Fanciful or not, O'Brien and Phillips opened the door for other such victim/lecturers as Bryce Taylor and Arizona Wilder to come forward, to near celebrity status on this newfound lecture circuit. By August 2003, no less than eight former subjects of MK-ULTRA spoke at the Sixth Annual Ritual Abuse, Secretive Organizations and Mind Control Conference in Windsor Lock, Connecticut in the US.

As with less immense, phantasmically hegemonic cases of sexual assault and abuse, these are dicey, non-falsifiable claims that are difficult to investigate skeptically without resorting to callous and inhumanely dismissive presuppositions.

Does it disqualify O'Brien's account in Trance-Formation of America (and elsewhere) that she claims that George H.W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Dick Cheney, and Hillary Clinton all ritually abused her under the Monarch program? Does the fact that she quotes long extended conversations from these events, which she claims to remember verbatim, strain credulity to the point of making her statements wholly unvalid? Difficult as it may be, we all have to check our privilege before honestly answering these questions: our privilege as Americans who were never ritually abused and experimented on by the elite masters of the CIA's MK-ULTRA mind control program.

Close your eyes. Take a minute of silence to mediate on what you have just learned.

Now open them.

Regardless of one's opinion on O'Brien's veracity, Roseanne Barr believes her. She spoke at a Conspiracy Culture event in Toronto last October with Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips. What's more, many people who have come to love and trust Roseanne's brash, "tell it like it is" style also believe. They believe, because Roseanne believes.

But, enough about Roseanne.

Where's LaBeouf?

Item: Shia LaBeouf Was In a Richly Symbolic, Sexually Disturbing Sigur Rós Video

If you've ever read anything online about Hollywood, MK-ULTRA, and ritualistic sex slavery, you should have known this was coming.

The whole community of researchers/believers in this area are fixated on the idea that either a.) programmed celebrities are trying to secretly communicate warnings about their present predicament; or, more insidiously, b.) that the masters of the Monarch program choose to craft these coded Pop Culture messages, the way that Frank Gorshin's Riddler would always give Adam West's Batman ornate clues to his malfeasance.

As the dean of this school of reasoning, the Vigilant Citizen, describes Shia Labeouf's appearance in this (incidentally NSFW) Sigur Rós music video thusly:

After the dance, two strange dudes enter the room and give the couple suspicious-looking lollipops with scorpions inside. Since scorpions are known to be venomous insects, there is reason to believe that these lollipops aren't simply pieces of candy but most probably mind-altering drugs, such as those used in mind-control programming. The couple eagerly sucks on these lollipops, indicating that they are helplessly addicted to them.

Simply by blowing on them, the handlers are able to get the couple to go where they want it [sic] to go. The fact that no physical contact is necessary to control the couple implies that it is all about … mind control.

This may not be as convincing as simply watching the video with your own eyes and seeing all the potent Monarch imagery yourself. (There is, for example, a poisonous species of butterfly, Danaus plexippus, commonly known as the Monarch featured in the video. It was also in that movie Silence of the Lambs — a Hollywood blockbuster.)

Now. Relax and, very carefully, watch the video:

Item: Shia LaBeouf Knew the Scope of the U.S. Government's Warrantless Surveillance Program From Working on the 2008 Action-Thriller Eagle Eye

In a recent post, the Vigilant Citizen speculated that LaBeouf's recent meltdown was in some way related to a September 2008 interview that the star did on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Promoting the paranoid, political thriller Eagle Eye, LaBeouf told Leno that one of the film's FBI consultants revealed to him that 1-in-5 phone calls made by Americans is logged — proving this to LaBeouf by playing for him one of his very own, very intimate, phone calls.

How this reflects on LaBeouf's current behavior, the Vigilant Citizen can only speculate:

In February, Shia appeared at the Berlinale International Film Festival with a bag over his said [sic] saying "I am not famous anymore". Was the "paper bag" incident actually a sick way for his handlers to humiliate him, perhaps to show that his career is purposely being destroyed? [...]

Is Shia's "meltdown" a result of actual MK programming? Is he purposely being placed in awful situations to hurt his career by industry handlers? His situation is strikingly similar to other stars who, after years of success, spiral into a self-destructive pattern. Like Britney Spears and others, Shia was a child star raised in the Disney system. While it is easy to put all of the blame on "drugs and alcohol", there is something more at play here. Drugs and alcohol are usually symptoms of a deeper problem.

Here's what a younger, more clear-minded Shia LaBeouf had to say in 2008, five years before Edward Snowden said a single word. Is this why he is "not famous anymore"?

Do not let your ego answer this question for you. Calm your mind, still your heart, and access your spirit. Repeat the question to yourself, quietly, over, and over again.

Keep away all of your other worries, from the materialistic outside world. Breathe out your stress. As you find yourself drifting, return to the question, "Is this why he is 'not famous anymore'?"

Item: Hollywood is in California, a Seething Hotbed of Fringe Beliefs and Carnal Exploitation

From the Manson family, to Scientology, to Heaven's Gate, to that time a rocket scientist at Pasadena's Jet Propulsion Laboratory tried to impregnate a woman with the Antichrist, to what all Bryan Singer was doing, to the Source Family, to Jonestown — California is really just one big, tectonic fault line where strange (sometimes drug-induced) belief systems and depraved (sometimes drug-induced) sexual activities converge.

For all we know, the CIA has had its claws in Shia LaBeouf since season one, episode one of Even Stevens. Without ever having had a Disney Channel show, who's to say?

LaBeouf seemed fine playing baseball this weekend.

Spiral energy freely through your fifth chakra and express your truth in the Kinja discussion below.

[image screen capture via the music video for Sigur Rós' song "Fjögur píanó" via Parlophone Records]