Pokémon Go Is a Government Surveillance Psyop Conspiracy

Ashley Feinberg · 07/11/16 02:00PM

Less than a week after Pokémon Go’s launch, our streets are already filled with packs of phone-wielding, Weedle-catching zombies. They’re robbing our teens, filling our churches with sinners, and tricking our children into exercising. But worst of all, Pokémon Go is turning us all into an army of narcs in service of the coming New World Order.

Is This Chelsea Clinton's Real Father?

Ashley Feinberg · 06/03/16 01:20PM

If you’ve been even vaguely tuned in to the overactive Hillary Clinton conspiracy mill over the years, you’ve likely heard about the questions of Chelsea Clinton’s paternity. But for those who haven’t, here’s how this song goes: Bill Clinton is sterile, and Chelsea’s real father is Clinton confidant and federal tax evader Webb Hubbell.

The Earth Is Flat, Explained

Ashley Feinberg · 01/25/16 04:30PM

Earlier today, rapper B.o.B. declared to his millions of Twitter followers that, despite everything they’ve been led to believe their entire lives, the earth is flat. And the weirdest part isn’t just that he believes the earth is flat, but that he’s not even remotely alone.

Louis C.K.’s Hardcore Porn Doppelganger: A Great Reddit Conspiracy

Jordan Sargent · 08/13/15 03:02PM

A few weeks ago, a Reddit user was watching a gangbang on Pornhub. Just as one of the men was about to ejaculate onto the chest of the woman on the receiving end, something caught the Redditor’s ear. Was that the familiar whine of...Louis C.K.?

Is Donald Trump Running a False Flag Campaign to Help Hillary Clinton?

J.K. Trotter · 08/13/15 01:42PM

Donald Trump, the 69-year-old New York real estate mogul and unrepentant bigot, continues to dominate the Republican presidential primary polls. Trump’s sudden ascendance, accelerated by his willingness to insult virtually any ostensible ally within the conservative movement, has left GOP leaders dumbfounded. How did this caricature of a Republican politician, who has never held elected office, and whose personal ideology is remarkably fluid, usurp more experienced, more conservative, and better-funded candidates like Jeb Bush and Scott Walker? Within this vacuum of understanding, an almost-believable conspiracy theory has obtained currency: Donald Trump is in fact a false flag candidate whose actual mission is electing Hillary Clinton as President.

The Bizarre Anti-Vaxxer Holistic Doctor Murder Conspiracy, Explained

Andy Cush · 07/31/15 02:20PM

On June 19, a fisherman found the body of Dr. James Bradstreet—a forceful proponent of the bunk theory that vaccines are linked to autism—in a North Carolina river, with a gunshot wound through his chest. Three days later, chiropractors Bruce Hedendal and Baron Holt were separately found dead, and eight days after that, Dr. Theresa Sievers was murdered in her home. What the hell is going on here?