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Remember when Michelle Obama murdered Joan Rivers a few years ago? Neither do we. But Infowarrior king Alex Jones sure does. And as always, he’s more than happy to offer the answers we seek: Because she revealed FLOTUS’s secret penis to the world, Joan Rivers had to die.

For those unfamiliar with the world as seen through the eyes of alt-right conspiracy theorists, it’s common knowledge that Michelle Obama, wife to President Barack Obama, is actually a transgender woman. Joan Rivers then joked about this a few months before her (all too convenient) death.

Now, prompted by the negative response to a recent cartoon comparing the First Lady to Melania Trump, Alex Jones decided to hit us with the truth:

Don’t forget, the famous comedian Joan Rivers said, “Of course everyone knows she’s a tranny.” ’ She’s dead serious: “Yeah, she’s a man.” Deader than a doornail in a routine operation—where, basically, she had fire poured down her throat and was a fire-breathing goblin.

[evil voice] Dead on arrival. Shoot your mouth off, honey. You will die. Mua ha ha ha. Liberal. Ha ha ha ha.

Jones goes on to call out George Clooney for being a women-enslaving maggot before finally returning to the topic at hand, saying, “I mean, I used to laugh at this stuff, but man—it’s all about rubbing our noses in it. And I think it’s all an arranged marriage. It’s all completely fake, and it’s this big sick joke because he’s obsessed with transgender. It’s like some weird cult or something. I think Michelle Obama is a man.” But does Jones really, truly believe the things he’s saying?

“I really do. I really do. I believe it.”

Well, that settles that.

You can watch Alex Jones’ shocking expose in full below.

[h/t Right Wing Watch]